Thursday, December 24, 2015


Christmas with my family (well grandma, parents and my partner) is tomorrow, and then we have Christmas with my partner's family the next day,...

I am still wrapping presents, sealing a wood-burned and painted peice,
Considering starting a new wood-burned piece i meant to have done,
Going to try to save one painted project i started that hasn't gone so well...

Yep, and the only thing keeping me going is caffeine (both pills and coffee) yet now I'm starting to nod off... oh dear.

Also want to re-try making my dad Carmel corn (i messed up last nights batch... *Do not put extra baking soda in**... not even if it looks like correct measurement went in as a clump and won't mix in.. adding extra messes up the texture big time.

And i want to make a healing salve or at least mix for my mom using my comfrey oil.

I wonder how much of this i will manage to finish as i am not feeling so hot while trying to work away at all this.

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