Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Etsy listing!

How very exciting to me!Randomly though, it is not something I tend to make/do often really though. It’s a wood burned box, and I don’t wood burn that often for a few reasons. First being that getting the boxes to burn, that are not damaged is sometimes rather tricky, second it can take ages and ages to do a wood burning and if you mess up its nearly impossible to correct. Thirdly and the biggest one likely is, until recently (since after we moved) in order to be able to function without often jumping from pain, I had to be on certain medications, well those medications make me a little slow to notice things (like if I set down the wood burner on something flammable, if I have my hand to close to the tip thus burning myself, if I hold the tip against wood to long and therefore destroy my work).

Since we moved it has also been summer, and creating heat while it is already hot seems somewhat backwards, that and I have no boxes to burn at the moment.

I have however been learning and making baby booties like crazy. They are felt and will range from size 1-size 8 I believe (0-3months up until a few years) for the not yet walking age group they are made of felt with a single layer for the sole, for the older babes there will be a double felt sole to add comfort. They are in no way walking shoes but are cute! And they work to keep the feet warm and comfy for a baby and as a slipper or comfy shoe in the older little ones.

I have yet to list any of them online since I want to list them in pairs, because I am guessing the cost to ship 2 is the same as the cost to ship one and I want to list them at a good price, and when you factor in the costs for listing, and then using pay pall it makes more since I believe to sell 2 pairs for 15 rather than even 1 pair for 10. I will figure it out eventually. I should mention that my logic only applies I think for 0-12 month sized booties. I will figure it out.

One thing I must get working on is a newborn outfit for an old high school friend, her baby is due in 5 weeks I believe and my plan is to send her an outfit and booties so she can take loads of pics of her little girl in them, so I can have pics of her in some of the designs I use, that my other model (my niece) is far too big for now. (Even with my altered pattern I made this past winter to make it possible she could have at least one dress using that design).

Anyways, signing off since I am now busy making dinner, yes at 1:45 am. This is what happens when your significant other is working afternoon shift.

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