Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spoon theory Part 1

On the website you can read about the "spoon theory". It really hits home to anyone living in pain or with an illness that is constant.

Today i randomly came across some items made out of spoons while looking for a gift. Then i started a spoon inspired hunt. All things that someone who knows and finds meaning in the spoon theory might love. Something that would be a conversation starter that would lead into the spoon theory, or simply give them comfort on days where your spoons seem to have left you.

These items are all items i found on etsy, and if you copy and paste the website URL's listed you can find out more about each item and who made them or how.

Assyrian Head Spoon Bracelet Antique Silverplate Handmade:
Narcissus Spoon Bracelet Earrings and Pendant Set:
Antique Silver Spoon Ring with Daffodil Floral Pattern:

Zimple Spoon Bangle Bracelet:
Original Unique Oil Painting Spoon Kitchen Chef Art 10x10 inch:
vintage spoon earrings:
Sterling Silver and Swaroski Crystal Spoon Pendant:
Silver Spoon Jewelry Bracelet Recycled Spoons Sodalite Bead Custom Size:

Spoon Heart Pendant:
Food and Exercise Diary or Tracker:
WEDDING Bell BLUES Necklace:
Oh So Cute Black Walnut Wooden Sugar/Salt Spoon:
OWL SPOON - STEAM PUNK Necklace - Miniature COSMIC SPOON Clockworks:

Mansion House Vintage Heirloom Sterling Silver Spoon Ring:
Spoon Bowl I Love You Key Chain:
Signed MELROSE Vintage Gorham Sterling Spoon Ring:
Wholesale LOT 18 Fun ky Spoon Hooks:
winters song / spoon collage necklace:

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