Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green and Zebra print

A High school friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child and I think I am getting out all my pent up “OMG BABY ... soon” out of me. I think here I should admit I am going a little over board seeing as I haven’t seen him in years (though often chat online) and have yet to ever meet her, but I am not saying it’s a bad thing just ending up loosening the purse strings some. The coming of the baby has inspired me and has started me on many projects. At first I thought I would make everything I was giving them and with the sex known until the birth it was forcing me to find a way to make unisex items somehow personal seeming and I found just the trick!

Zebra print, the mother to be I asked a few questions and she stated she loves zebra print and bing bang boom that did it for me, something I could add a touch of to most anything that still remained rather gender neutral, add in a bunch of pale green flannel with brown poke-a-dots and I have a combo that is not only gender neutral but something I can still like the look of and even enjoy (other fabrics are now also being added in but that was the start of my inspiration).

Since then I have not only bought supplies to make some items I didn’t have the parts for at home (and of course I couldn’t just buy the parts to make one or two when it seemed so much more economical to buy enough to make 25-50 between shipping and bulk pricing (so should be getting those extras once made into my etsy shop) but I have also bought an infant toy from our local and awesome toy store “Jester’s Fun Factory” and a few outfits from a local consignment store.

In the midst of all this the mommy to be sent me a message letting me know my having asked about animal prints she liked has inspired her to move from a basic green nursery room to a jungle or safari theme baby room, well that once again got my thoughts going.

I will try to remember to take photos of all I will be giving her when I see her (hopefully before little one shows up) and then even better remember to show them on here but as it stands I believe the gift bag will go as such:

-Gift bag itself is a reusable shopping bag that just so happens to be zebra print (I have had it for years but my hunny refuses to use it since it is so bright seeming so I figure I will wrap the items up in a usable bag that might find a better home this way anyways.
-Clothing Dividers for closet (jungle animal prints) handmade to organize different sizes of baby/toddler clothes will be able to make usable for child years to with extra size stickers hopefully.
- Handmade infant bibs (following the green and zebra print theme, along with others)
-Handmade bigger bib if I can figure out a pattern.
-Diaper pouch handmade (green/zebra) should be able to hold 2diapers and wipes pack or 3+diapers alone
-Hand sewn reversible baby slippers in a few sizes and fabrics
- Key Fob/wristlet (black/zebra print)
- Key Fob/wrist-let (black/green flannel)
-Paci clips (variety including zebra)
-2paci’s (had to buy to figure out sizing for clips leash if a button style paci was used)
-New store bought infant toy (happens to have a decent amount of black/white stripes on it)
-2New born outfits one really girly one really boyish
-a unisex jumper
-and a few odds and ends clothing items and other toys found at consignment shop (mostly for 9months plus including some really nice “children’s place” dark green running shoes for when learning to walk that could easily be for a boy or girl and were in brand new shape.

I think that’s it ha-ha. See I said I kind of went a little nutty about it.

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