Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting my shop filled up.

At this time of the year there always seems to be so much to do and with trying to get my etsy shop ready for possible holiday shoppers it becomes just that much more important to be on my game, granted that i never really am that much but i shall try haha.

Getting a bunch of pre-made jewelery listed and all nicely packaged up in a manner that keeps everything nicely organized. The jewelery is a mix of my work and my mothers in fact though each piece is listed as who made it. I if i get to it might also be listing some custom wood-burned bamboo cutting boards once i do up one for a family member i can use as an example piece.

For now it will just be the jewelry until i get more in the shop, the shop is as this blog is named Shell4you
of you can click this link :

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I think i might also get into infants and children's photo props if i can think of some good ones and find that there is any demand localy, as the one's i'm thinking of might not be cost effective to ship but time will tell.

Hope whoever you are reading this is having a good day.

Will likely be adding more throughout the week, keep an eye out.

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